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Custom Metal Fabrication & Machining
Custom Aluminum Extrusions
Electronic Sensor Contract Manufacturing
Electronic Control Solutions
Printed Circuit Boards
Cable Assemblies

MC Pacific employees use a variety of business models aimed at achieving the objectives of our clients. We have been established at the request of our clients to provide them with additional services other than strictly consulting.

We can handle all aspects of any type of international procurement, supply chain services, billing, collections and communications, thus providing our clients with shorter lead-times and relieving them of additional paperwork and lengthy communication channels.

In addition to strategic sourcing and negotiating, MC Pacific provides:

  • purchasing
  • packaging
  • logistics
  • warehousing
  • distribution
  • delivery services
  • billing
  • collections

These services, individually or any combination thereof, offers our clients a great deal of flexibility in the way they choose to go to market, purchase, merchandise and/or distribute imported products. Any and all services can be provided to our clients or directly to their customers with MC Pacific serving as a third party.

If you would like to explore what we can do for you please contact us through MC Pacific and request information on MC Pacific.


MC Pacific has continuous bonds in place with US Customs to facilitate importing with the US.