The business of MCPacific is to strategize and execute an international supply chain that provides clients or customers with a major competitive advantage on an exclusive basis, ensuring a high-quality product through source inspection, international freight handling & domestic services, and on-time delivery.

MCPacific performs consulting services primarily for U.S. manufacturing companies.  MCPacific’s position is attached below:

MCPacific is engaged by numerous companies who require high-quality and on-time delivery of competitively priced materials or components.  MCPacific works closely with the U.S. client to assess current requirements and improve upon specifications to allow for enhanced quality.  MCPacific provides consulting services in many areas. These areas range from sourcing and supply chain consultation for steel, aluminum and copper products.  In addition, MCPacific’s staff helps U.S. companies set up operations in China for RO, JV and WFOE. We aid in the establishment of parent companies located in favorable country jurisdictions, and we consult in staffing requirements, locations, manufacturing processes and logistics for our clients. For further information, please contact us.