Basics of China Sourcing

The Steps

  1. Hire an attorney on a retainer basis who works for a FIRM with several attorney’s
    • The cost should not be more than a few thousand dollars to begin.
    • Have the attorney prepare a Non-Disclosure & Confidentiality agreement (NDA)
    • Have the supplier sign the NDA
  2. Develop the One Year Strategic Plan for your company to ensure that the procurement activity has buy in and support from top management.  Understand strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  3. Assign specific functions of people in your company to the procurement project…Project Team.
  4. Prepare a formal RFQ with formal drawings in Metric and English
  5. Hire a company to assist in the sourcing activity specializing in doing business in China.
  6. Receive formal response or quotation form the Chinese companies.
  7. Make the selection based upon established criteria by the Project Team.
  8. Go for VALUE not Price. Go for high quality not Price.
  9. Obtain samples with a control plan and perform in house testing.
  10. Do a site visit with members of staff
  11. Provide on-site in China “Source Inspection”
  12. Go slow and order production quantities
  13. Remember to “WALK before you RUN”


Additional Information

For additional information download our Sourcing Presentation below. (PDF)

Download Sourcing Presentation