Keys to Success

Start with a successful partner

  • At MCPacific our staff has visited more than 500 manufacturing facilities in Asia for our clients
  • We have met with almost 1000 company representatives…..and what have we learned?
  • We have Established Differentiators:
    • ISO
    • Top China Brand
    • Equipment Available In-House
    • Fluent In English
    • Quoting DDP ie Export Experience
    • Quoting CIF Only
    • Quoting fob Only
    • Laboratory
    • Automation
    • Signed Non Disclosure Agreement
    • Signed Not to Compete

Understand that ALL successful plans are tailored

  • What is right today will not be right 2 years from now
  • The market is changing constantly
  • The business process in China is changing constantly

Be conservative but move forward and “walk before you run”

  • Make the commitment of time, money

Understand the risk & our job at MCPacific is to minimize the risk

  • And also to heighten the probability of success

Take these basic sourcing steps

  1. First purchase product DDP
  2. Second purchase product FOB
  3. Third possibly establish a rep office
  4. Fourth possibly establish a JV with a strong Chinese JV partner and partnering agreements

We are creating relationships. We are getting to know the country and the provinces. We are learning what is important to the Chinese companies. In manufacturing we are putting our toe into the water. We are starting with the basic materials. A coil or steel, a sheet of flat aluminum, etc.

From this base we begin with

  • simple secondary operations
  • We move forward to kitting
  • We move into subassembly
  • We move into subassembly and packing
  • Etc.


Walk Before Running